These memberships are open:
  • Associate, $15/year
  • Family, $20/year
  • Sponsor, $30/year
  • Benefactor, $100/year
  • Lifetime, $500

All members receive our informal Trolley Fare newsletter and a six-ride pass upon joining and at each renewal. Members also elect directors at the annual meeting each January. Lifetime members recieve a special membership card and unlimited rides on Car 21.

For more information on joining our Society, please fill out and mail us this form.

Car 25 near the end of service in the 1950s.

Car 25 near the end of service in the 1950s.


If you enjoy meeting people, want to learn more local history, have fun showing kids the thrill of riding the rails, or simply want to be a part of our unique, living history organization...the trolley is the place for you! We are an all-volunteer group that operates on weekend and holiday afternoons from May through September. Each operating day requires two conductor/motorman crews, one starting at Noon and the other at 2:30 pm. On holidays, we also open the restored depot in City Park to handle the increased patronage and sell souviners.
Carmen working on Car 21.
We currently have openings for new volunteers in both operation and maintanence. Training begins each year in April. Open topics below for more info.

Car 21 Crew Training

As a new volunteer, we'll teach you how to safely operate a fully restored, antique streetcar or learn the art of being a trolley conductor. Senior motormen and conductors provide classroom training covering the basics of operation and interacting with people. They'll work with you during hands-on sessions on the car, first without passengers, then on regularly scheduled runs. After the initial training, you can complete the hands-on training at your own pace, until you are ready to "test out" as a qualified motorman or conductor. To keep our proficiency up, we conduct annual safety re-qualification sessions for motormen.

After you are certified to operate or conduct, you can request an account on our online schedule so you can reserve work shifts on the car. Each weekend day includes two work shifts: Noon-2:30 pm and 2:30-5 pm, ensuring that eight volunteers get to work on the car each weekend. You can schedule up to two shifts on the car each month during our May thru September operating season. You'll probably find that showing our visitors what it was like to ride a trolley is more fun than work.

Once you are a qualified motorman or conductor, you will join the ranks of a select few in the USA who are keeping up the art of working on a real electric trolley. Although our annual training session occurs in April, we're happy to accept new volunteers any time during our operating season.

Car Maintenance and Restoration

Another way to contribute is to join our carmen team. They keep Car 21 in top shape and also work on various construction and restoration tasks, including rebuilding FCMR Car 25 (shown here at the barn in 1951). Car 25 at the barn in 1951.
If you have mechanical or electrical skills or wish to learn how we maintain and restore equipment, please drop by the Car 25 shop at 330 No. Howes St. any Saturday morning. If the Car 25 shop is not open, leave us a message at 970-224-5372.
Carmen working on Car 21.

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An easy way to support us is to shop via our AmazonSmile account.
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As Car 25 nears the end of its restoration, the problem of where to store it needs solving. The City has been extremely cooperative in helping us with a design to expansion Mountain Ave. barn to accommodate Car 25 and also keep our Maintenance of Way (MoW) vehicles secure and protected. We plan to expand the outside storage area (shown at left below) by lengthening the track and enclosing a new structure in place of the existing lean-to. We'll store cars 21 and 25 in the two large bays and move the MoW vehicles and most of the tools and supplies into the new, enclosed facility. Since we will have two extremely valuable artifacts stored in one place, we will also need to upgrade fire protection and security. This project is estimated to cost about $200K.
Car 21 at the Mountain Ave. barn.

Make a Donation
You can help us expand the Mountain Ave. barn by making a donation (please write barn expansion on your check)>

You can drop off your donation either on the trolley or at the depot (when open) or on Saturday mornings at the Howes St. barn or by mailing it to:

PO Box 635
Fort Collins, CO 80522

Upcoming fund-raising events:

  • Car 25 Open House - The Howes St. barn will be open 10 am - 2 pm on the first Saturday each December for you to see our progress on restoring Car 25. We will also have trolley souviners available for purchase and examples of the commemorative bricks which you can order to help cover the cost of expanding the Mountain ave. barn for Car 25.


A charter on car 21 can spice up a special occasion for your family, workgroup or class. We run charters for school groups, weddings, club events and other private parties. We can pick you up at either end of the line or anywhere in between. We charge $45/hour ($30/hr for non-profit organizations). Our car can carry up to 28 people.

For more details, contact us..


One of the easiest ways to support the trolley is to purchase and maintain an advertising card on car 21. The practice of advertising on steetcars started with the first horsecars in the 1890s. It continues today on streetcars, commuter trains and buses. Our riders view many of the car cards as they travel with us. Both your business and the trolley benefit by letting us feature you on the car.

Please contact our car-card coordinator,
(970) 224-5372