NEWS: Motorman and Conductor Training

Motorman training and certification sessions are complete for this year. Each motorman must attend a session and certify that day. Returning motormen must bring a completed open-book test, a valid driving licence and up-to-date membership card to the training session. Watch your email for more details and to reserve your certification date & time.

Conductor training sessions are held throughout April. Returning conductors will meet at the carbarn in April. Be sure to bring your completed quiz to your session. New-conductor training will be at the FCMRS office, 330 N. Howes St. and on the car. Watch your email for details.

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Operations Manual May 2019 (2.95MB) 

To change your schedule:
Login above and use [Crew list] on the calendar page to find a replacement for your shift. Crew listings are also posted in the depot and in the barn.
After finding a replacement (or if one is not available), call the crew scheduler (970-225-0136) at least one week prior to your shift.

Remember: You are responsible to cover your scheduled shift until either you hear back from the crew scheduler or you see the schedule changed.

Car 25 Shop Update

If you are in the area on Saturday mornings, stop by the Howes barn to view our progress.

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