NEWS: Motorman and Conductor Training

Motorman training and certification sessions are complete for this year. Each motorman must attend a session and certify that day. Returning motormen must bring a completed open-book test, a valid driving licence and up-to-date membership card to the training session. Watch your email for more details and to reserve your certification date & time.

Conductor training sessions are held throughout April. Returning conductors will meet at the carbarn in April. Be sure to bring your completed quiz to your session. New-conductor training will be at the FCMRS office, 330 N. Howes St. and on the car. Watch your email for details.

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  • Remember: You are responsible to cover your scheduled shift.

    Car 25 Shop Update (April 2017)

    Car 25 tasks for 2017-18:

    • Finish installing kick panals and red trim (done).
    • Recondition and install control panels (in process).
    • Finish installing cherry trim around windows (in process).
    • Install new glass in upper side windows (done).
    • Assemble & test-fit headlights (in process).
    • Finish upgrading & install destination boxes (in process).
    • Install & test brake controls on each end (done).
    • Install water & sander lines (started).
    • Paint all interior piping (in process).
    • ID & purchase overhead hardware (done).
    • Build cribbing to support end of car (done).
    • Mount motors on power truck (done).
    • Order & test silver paint on trim.
    • Locate & drill holes & fasten nuts for seat pedestals.
    • Build cribbing to support end of car (done).
    • After car is assembled:
      • Connect motor leads and spring mounts.
      • Install & test A-end controller.
      • Have City move/replace overhead lights.
      • Purchase overhead wire.
      • Fab, paint & install platform on roof.
      • Run power drops to each end of car.
      • Caulk & paint letterboard green.
      • Re-fasten edges of roof cover with screws.
      • Paint exterior upper-side window sashes red.
      • Assemble, paint(done) & install pole bases.
      • Refinish side-window sashes.
      • Clean & polish brass window guides (in process).
      • Fab & install water tank.
      • Repaint heater covers and mtg plates.
      • Fab & install 2 new heater plates.
      • Purchase materials for OH wire troughs.
      • Fab troughs for overhead wire; install OH wire.
    • Making room for Car 25 in the Mountain Ave. barn:
      • Move OHM and track materials (OTM) to Car 25 shop (in process).
      • Sort materials on shelves, move needed stuff to Car 25 shop and scrap the rest.
      • Clean up south side of barn.
      • Build temp. bench along west wall & scrap old bench.
      • Plan installing overhead wire in bay 2.
      • Assist in planning shed expansion or enclosure (electrical, shelving, etc.)

    If you are in the area on Saturday mornings, stop by the Howes barn to view our progress.

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