collecting fares The Fort Collins Municipal Railway Society (FCMRS) is a 501c 3 non-profit corporation working in partnership with the Fort Collins Museum to restore and operate the Fort Collins Municipal Railway, presenting a living history of electric public transportation in Fort Collins. We preserve, display, operate, and interpret streetcar service, and collect artifacts and information of an educational nature and of significance to the City's electric railway. We strive to:
  • Promote excellence in operating safely and in strict accordance with our Operating Agreement with the City.
  • Adhere to all applicable federal, state and local laws.
  • Maintain the equipment, power supply and track in safe, attractive and functioning condition and as close to the historically accurate, original condition as practical.
The FCMRS is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit 501c 3 organization staffing these functions:
  • Elected officers and board of directors
  • Conductors, motormen and depot agents
  • Equipment and right-of-way maintainers
  • Crew scheduler/dispatcher and charter coordinator

In addition to directors and staff positions, our volunteers perform regular line maintenance, maintain operating equipment, manage membership information and souvenirs, write and publish our Trolley Fare newsletter, manage public relations with the City and local news media, and maintain these Web pages. Directors are elected for two-year terms at an annual meeting each January.

The FCMRS was formed in 1980 to complete the painstaking restoration of Car 21, restore the 1.5-mile line from City Park to Howes St., and work with the public and City. Work on car 21 took seven years, while line restoration took almost five years. Although the complete restoration has been apprased at over $2.5 million, it was accomplished at no cost to the City. All material for restoring track were donated by local railroads and businesses. We even helped salvage rail from local railroads, including an abandoned mountain tourist line in the dead of winter.

annual meeting The Society currently has an agreement with the City to operate Car 21 on scheduled weekends and operate charters during off hours. We conduct regular written and on-line operator training and testing to ensure safe operation. Our operation is also governed by the Federal Railways Administration (FRA), who performs annual safety inspections on our car and right-of-way.


President: Craig Stith
Vice President: Dan Sapienza
Secretary: Carol Tunner
Treasurer: Asad Aziz
Directors: Bob Browning, Brent Carmack,
  Alan Cram, Dan Hebbeln,
  Thea Sapienza
Ops Manager: Bob Browning,970-225-0136
Car 21 maintenance: Chuck Bade
Car 25 reconditioning: Al Jackson
Charters: Moose Shattuck, 970-482-5227
Crew training/certification:
  Motormen: Bob Browning, Thea
  Conductors: Dan Sapienza,
  Carol Tunner
Membership: Paula Shattuck
Publicity: Wayne Sundberg
Souvenirs & Depot: Alan Cram
RoW maintenance:
  Al Jackson, Roger Smith
Trolley Fare & website: Al Jackson

Say cheese.


  • Operations manager:
      Bob Browning, 970-225-0136
  • Charter scheduler:
      Moose Shattuck, 970-482-5227
  • Car advertising: John Beckett
  • Car 21 maintenance: Chuck Bade
  • Car 25 reconditioning: Al Jackson
  • Volunteer coordinator: Bob Browning
  • Newsletter & website feedback:
    Al Jackson
  • Mailing address:
      PO Box 635, Fort Collins, CO 80522
  • Depot location:
      1501 W Oak St.(near tennis courts)

    deicing rails

    Our work restoring car 21 and the Mountain Avenue line has earned both local and national recognition:

    • Department of Transportation Award for Outstanding Public Service to Transportation and Historic Preservation.
    • Award of Merit from the American Association of State and Local History.
    • Preservation Honor Award from Colorado Preservation, Inc.
    • Stephen H. Hart Award from the Colorado Historical Society.
    • Designated as a Fort Collins Local Landmark and entered in the National Register of Historic Places.